Restorative Fiberglass Repair

Let the experienced team at Scotty Fiberglass in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, repair your boat with our fiberglass repair services. The most common repairs we perform are for stress cracks, gouges, tears, and rips. We also do outboard engine refinishing.

Quality Workmanship

We strive to restore the damage area back to its original condition. Only the finest quality products are used in our repairs.

Convenient Service Pricing

Get dockside service when you work with Scotty Fiberglass. Your repairs are completed at your location or you can arrange for us to haul the boat out for repairs. Please call for details on this service.

Pricing & Insurance Claims

Fiberglass repairs are competitively priced. If you happen to bang into the docks too hard and crack your fiberglass, our company is able to handle your insurance claims.


Contact us to address cracks or damage from a boat collision.