Refinishing and Gelcoat repairs

Keep your boat looking its very best with boat detailing and painting services from Scotty Fiberglass in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Painted Boat - Boat Painting

Boat Detailing

Let us come to your location to wash and detail your boat with our mobile service. Boat detailing prices start at  $295 and include a range of services, such as:

• Polishing
• Waxing

• Compounding
• Chrome Polishing

Thorough Assessments

Boat detailing requires an in-depth assessment. Our technicians run a test to determine how long it takes to pull chalk from your boat. If the boat is very chalky, a rough compound must be used followed by additional products to get the surface clean. The job is priced depending on how long it takes and how many products are used.

Boat Painting and Lettering

With our custom boat painting services, you are able to get either stripes or a variety of lettering in paint or vinyl. Boat bottom painting is also available.

Contact us to get your boat ready to turn heads when you are on the water.